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Why GoodPhone?

Our first and primary goal is to deliver the foremost level of technical quality that can be delivered reliably for our clients’ budgets.  Our purpose is to deliver operational solutions that perform their functions without requiring unnecessary attention to use or to service effectively.  Achieving this goal is done by designing in quality in everything we deliver beginning with understanding our clients’ needs, best in class solution design, component selection, engineering, transparently itemized budgeting and negotiation, project delivery, and service after delivery.

What Products: 

GoodPhone delivers best-in-breed products that meet and exceed client expectations.


Hardware is preselected to ensure the largest value add for each client.


Quality is ensured by vetting the finest manufacturers.

Why GoodPhone:

Great implementation from highly skilled people.


Our deployment is built specifically to meet your needs.


All projects are managed in a manner to minimize client involvement. We can and will remove the resources required from your end and never monopolize your staff's attention.


Clean, straight forward design work with detailed line-item pricing that leaves no room for interpretation. No hidden fees or post signature surprises.

How we do it:​

Well-seasoned and expert staff with the resources they need to get it done.


Our people possess the passion required to deliver at the highest level.


Whether during initial deployment or ongoing maintenance, lowest possible business interruption is achieved.


Whenever possible all cloud services and backup services are geo-redundant.


With our white glove maintenance offerings all information is kept up to date as your company grows and personnel changes.





(877) 726-0001



Chicago, Los Angeles, & Phoenix


70+ Features

Do More / Spend Less


$24.95 /SEAT

Good Phone delivers a solution that allows you to focus on building your brand, maintaining your customer relationships and maximizing your profits—while we focus on delivering the highest quality and most reliable VoIP service possible.


Fixed Monthly Costs, Unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance Included


Auto Attendant, easily managed with a visual builder and unlimited AAs


Web Portal, easy to use web portal to give you the control you need


Hunt Groups, route calls to the groups you choose or even to a mobile device.


Call Reporting, filter and sort to find the info you need.


Call Recording, you make the choice: always on, disabled, or on-demand


Key Features

Are you looking to venture into the VoIP world or are you simply looking to upgrade your current VoIP solution? GoodPhone places a high level of importance on product reliability, general system architecture, inherent feature capabilities and serviceability.  We are aware that your systems are critical components to your business. 


Work from Anywhere

Whether at the office, at home or on the go you can do everything you need.


Use your own Device

No need to purchase new equipment, our solution works with most VoIP Phones.


Help when you need it

24x7 US Based Technical Support for when you need us the most.


User Web Portal

Take control and easily manage your whole system through an easy interface.


Call Recording

Recordings when you need them.  Record every call or just the ones that are important.


Video Conferencing

Collaborate anywhere and on any device. Easily join or schedule video conferences.

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Ready to learn more?

We'd love to hear from you.

If you would like us to reach out with additional information, then click on the additional information button and we will reach out to you shortly about our Good Phone solution.




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